YSI Project, UNDP Ukraine 

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YSI Project, UNDP Ukraine 

The project “Youth Social Inclusion for Civic Engagement in Ukraine” aims to support youth inclusion in Ukraine and to foster democratic reforms and youth civic engagement.

The project will build the capacities of youth centers, youth community organizations as well as universities and schools. Via an inclusive approach, young women and men will gain competencies necessary for their pro-active involvement in social and decision-making processes. Volunteerism will be promoted and practiced as a tool for achieving local development goals, particularly those identified by youth.

Capacities of volunteers and volunteer-involving organizations will be strengthened. The project will address the issue of youth inclusion, a new concept for Ukraine, with the introduction of innovative approaches such as: using volunteerism as a tool for achieving local development goals; bridging the gap between young people from rural and urban areas; introducing ICT as a tool for youth social activism; creating an environment for social community projects; and fostering inter-generational dialogue.

A particular emphasis will be placed on working with marginalized, socially-excluded young women and men who, due to geographic, economic, gender and/or cultural barriers, are disadvantaged in today’s Ukrainian society.

The project will empower young women and men and increase both the number of volunteers as well as the number of meaningful volunteerism opportunities in rural and urban communities throughout Ukraine. The Project works with the following Partner organizations: Intel Education, under the Intel Microelectronics Corporation, United Nations Volunteers, Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports (Department of Youth), Ministry of Education and Sciences, Alternative V youth organization and Ukraine 3000 charitable fund.